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WELCOME! I am so excited you're here today!!! I am a momma to three kiddos(6,5,3) who run and crash around my house and it does not matter how many times I ask them to slow down! I really miss them little and snuggled in my arms all day...    

After my own births I was beyond proud of myself for birthing my baby.  It was the most beautiful and powerful I have ever felt about myself.  I just knew I had to capture this feeling for other Mommas.  My goal was to teach myself photography so I could enter your birth space or your home with your beautiful family and document this same feeling for you.  It's all that new Momma Love that gets me... 
It is still wild to me that after 3 kids, a handful of career changes and everything in between I am doing this job as a Birth and Newborn Photographer.


all about your 

Birth photography might be right for you, if you feel....

You know you'll regret not hiring a birth photographer

You think having birth pictures is just as important as a wedding day to capture

You know birth is hard to remember.. you need it documented to see all the details you will miss

You want your partner to support you and be in the moment, Definitely not fumbling with a camera

a little more about me!

I love babies...I'd love to relive the o-2mths stage over and over

I was a Hairstylist for 12 years and I've discovered that I'd rather take pictures of your kids having fun then cut their hair... ha!

I am a true morning person, I rather not miss the light of day.

Something weird about me is I have a huge phobia of BALLOONS, I do not like them at all.

I love chatting over coffee. I am really excited to meet families and talk about birth. 

Brandon Birth, Newborn and Family Photographer

hi!!  I am Amber Vickerman